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Mindset Is Everything: Dare

KADIMA village is a catalyst. Our purpose is to make Canada a leader in innovation. We help private and public organisations uncover what is not there yet. Our aspiration is to help you transform what you do, by first shifting how you think.

'Dare and the world always yields; or if it beats you sometimes, dare it again and it will succumb. ~ William Makepeace Thacheray.

I reflect on this quote, when unforeseen speed bumps pop up and tough decisions need to be made.

Over the past 15-months, so many of you, me included, found us dealing with unknown unknowns. Navigating a path never travelled before. Some may expect us to suck it in and deal with it. Then there are times when personal out of our control forces collide with the ‘public facing you’ and it is just not possible to plough through it.

Due to reasons out of our control, we are postponing our July Unlearning Lab – Navigating Your Second Act – to a date to be determined. Refunds will be honoured.

The good news is while the world may have temporarily beaten us, we will dare it again. And…it will succumb.

To quote a fictional character...

We’ll be back to celebrate you!

Meantime, stay healthy and keep the hope…Susan Radojevic, Founder of KADIMA village

Let’s not waste this pandemic. Let’s move from managing the probable to leading the possible. Let’s build a world of tomorrow today. You in??


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