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Mindset Is Everything: We're Celebrating You!

Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

Dear Business Event Professionals...

We're Celebrating You

It would be a pleasure for us if you would join us for 'another kind' of experiential experience celebrating the extraordinary talents of Business Event Professionals.

Start Date: Tuesday, July 6th, 2021*

Time:: At your pleasure (Time invested: You decide.)

Location: Virtual

N.B. This is a non-traditional experiential experience series taking place during July. The series consists of 5 asynchronous activities and 2 synchronous virtual activities.

As a Business Event Professional, you are expected to perform exceptional services and wear multiple hats. From managing the organisation’s internal and external large and small scale business events. To aligning event objectives with business objectives. To being tech savvy and using interactive tools and technology unique to each target audience. Along with the indispensable talent of excellent people skills to deal with a range of human behaviour including demanding client CEOs and bosses, overzealous participants and managing a team of supplier partners to pull together forward in one direction. Exhausting?? Yes! Stimulating?? Absolutely! Each and every day!

These are exceptional specialised and transferable skills often overlooked and undervalued by clients who engage you and organisations that hire you. Your ability to think ahead, to pivot, and deal with uncertainty are valuable skill sets sought after by other business sectors.

Conference Board of Canada in Partnership with Future Skills Centre recognises this. They recently published research that shows the tourism and hospitality occupations, in it Business Event Professionals are mentioned, with the most transition options to other jobs, tend to be in technical, professionally accredited or leadership positions. In the top 10 transitional occupations your knowledge and speciality skills are 3% higher than the broader workforce. The Ontario based research goes on to stipulate ‘occupations in Ontario’s tourism and hospitality sector have, on average, nine transition options’.

As past owner of an event marketing company and over the last few decades, I have witnessed that Business Event Professionals are particularly good problem solvers. According to the World Economic Forum, your ability to observe, analyse and think quick on your feet places your problem solving capabilities at the top list of employers who believe these skills will grow in prominence in the next four years.

We want to help others see what I have always known to be true.

Business Event Professionals aka problem solvers know how to pivot and can play an important role in organisations and on successful teams, during the pandemic recovery and post-Covid19 period.

Situation: In 2019, Ontario’s tourism and hospitality sector employed over 620,000 people and generated nearly $21 billion in labour income. In March 2020 Covid-19 decimated the tourism and hospitality sector. Employment was down 46% in Q2 of 2020 compared with 6% for all sectors. In the most optimistic recovery scenarios, the tourism and hospitality sector is not expected to recover – to pre-Covid-19 levels – until 2023. Meaning lost jobs are not coming back anytime soon and perhaps never.

Are you a Business Event Professional whose job is gone?

The Business Event Community was my community for 25-years. A community filled with incredibly hardworking professionals. No one can think and turn on a dime than the people who make up your community from coast to coast to coast and around the world. I have always believed Business Event Professionals do and know much much more than anyone understands. It is because you make everything look seamless even when chaos is erupting. Trust me…that is a unique skill and gift. You understand the art and science of human nature and events, and your experience and insights are distinctive.

Opportunity: I believe as destructive as the pandemic is, it is also a catalyst and an opportunity for re-invention. We want to help you…

‘think’ about how might you adapt the knowledge and speciality skills you acquired,

in your role as a Business Event Professional, to other occupations.

Using our Unlearning Lab Method you will…

  • Gain insights into the kind of problem solver you are.

  • Explore how might your skills be used in other jobs and sectors.

  • Be able to articulate the problem solving skills you have to offer and start a job transition plan.

This is not a webinar, not a workshop, not a survey. There are no talking heads. Our Unlearning Lab virtual experience uses the same method and tools trusted by Microsoft, Google, Proctor & Gamble and IDEO. At the core of every KADIMA village Unlearning Lab is our aspiration to inspire you to think another way about opportunities; obtain better clarity; make optimal decisions; and look for what’s not there yet.

You will gain more insight into your capabilities that will help you do more than survive. It will help you to transform your thinking to get you on the other side of the biggest global social, human, and economic disruption since World War II. We want to help you co-exist with Covid-19.

Contrary to wishful thinking and popular belief, Covid-19 has changed everything and created a ‘never normal’.

Who is this Unlearning Lab For? A good fit means you…

  • Are/were a Business Event Professional in a for-profit or not-for-profit organisation.

  • Are professionally accredited with minimum 15-years experience in event design.

  • Have experience leading the development of the organization’s annual business event strategy, including pioneering creative new tactics and campaigns.

  • Provide strategic guidance and consultation for new programmes and other experiences.

  • Design recommendations for strategic approach, policies, budget, and creative direction of business events.

  • Design and implement methods to transform the digital experience of events.

The Unlearning Lab is open to anyone who meets the participation requirements above and resides in or outside of Canada. Click here to find out more about how might the Unlearning Lab Method help you obtain more clarity around your capabilities and value. Registration, for this highly interactive lab, closes June 29th, 2021.

This is where you begin to navigate your Second Act. Remember…tough times don’t last. Tough people do.

I look forward to meeting you virtually.

Susan Radojevic

Founder, KADIMA village

For all media inquiries, additional comment, and request for interview, please contact:

Stephanie Adams

About KADIMA village…

‘kadima’ is the Hebrew word meaning ‘forward’. KADIMA village is a catalyst to make Canada a leader in innovation. We help private and public business sectors uncover what is not there yet. Our aspiration is to help you transform what you do, by first shifting how you think.

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