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Chew On This: Growth Prospects

Image Source by PwC

The pandemic has confirmed, what most of us already knew, our social, human, economic and political systems are failing us. That’s why we created KADIMA village Unlearning Lab. A catalyst to shift how to think in order to transform what to do. Chew On This is one way to get started. A friendly and informal conversation thought starter to inspire, engage, and nudge us, who are on a journey leading the possible rather than managing the probable. Each Chew On This is meant to inspire a shift in how to think about the world. To turn challenges and even failures into opportunities. Let’s get started…

According to PwC and PwC Canada 24th Annual Global CEO Survey, CEOs are 72% optimistic that global economic growth will improve and are more confident in their own growth prospects. Yet, climate change is 30% a concern and potential threat to their organisation’s growth prospects. While concerns for another pandemic and health crises is at 52%.

Strange how CEOs don’t view climate change as equally threatening to their 'growth prospects'. Why is that??

If you want to hear more about the survey results, Conference Board of Canada is hosting a free virtual event on June 8th, 2021, 2-3 p.m. EDT. Click here to register.

On another point, kudos to PwC for the presentation visual.

Let’s not waste this pandemic. Let’s move from managing the probable to leading the possible. Let’s build a world of tomorrow today. You in??

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