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Welcome and thanks very much for visiting our Insights page.


If you are here, you are a catalyst. A decision-maker facing challenges on multiple fronts at once: to self, family, internal stakeholders, clients, suppliers and business partners, government and financial systems and even our social fabric. You are a catalyst with a level of risk acceptance struggling to balance health and safety needs with economic needs.

Insights aim is to inspire and help catalysts to:

  • Shift how you think about situations, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Better manage uncertainty, obtain more clarity, and make optimal decisions.

  • Build and embed business resiliency and resilient skills across your organisation.

This is what you will find here. What you won’t find is ‘a silver bullet’ solution. A quick fix. A secret sauce. There isn’t one.

Incoming…our path forward isn’t a sprint. It’s multiple marathons filled with detours and hard work. Here’s the thing. Here at KADIMA village, we believe 2020 is the catalyst for the extraordinary and radical social, human, economic and political transformation the world needs to make. We also believe it's doable and sustainable only when we operate in the right mindset. Your first ‘insight’ is: to transform what you do; you first must shift how you think. We are here to help you get started.

Susan Radojevic

Founder, KADIMA village

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