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Mindset Shift - Work

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KADIMA village is a catalyst for shifting mindsets. We create the conditions and help you navigate an unknown future and constantly changing present, to look for what’s not there yet.

Work to inspire rather than work to solve problems.

Here’s the thing. At KADIMA village we see, hear, and witness many good and some even great ideas about how to transform what we do to evolve to what’s next. Sadly, many of the ideas do not see the light of day and those that do, more often than not fail. The latter is a good thing if…we embrace the experience to unlearn what’s no longer serving us well.

Then learn, to first shift how we think, in order to transform what we do.

Whether it’s leadership, systems or work etc., people must first believe before they can see. And not see it and therefore assume they believe it. This is the number one reason innovation and innovative ideas fail. People don’t believe it! Still…organisations jump to ill-conceived solutions, terms, and labels.

Leading with a mindset shift to focus on how to think first, and while I may not agree with Elon Musk's actions and comments all the time. I do agree with him on this point – work to inspire rather than work to solve problems.

And…the meaning of work is at a crossroads. The climate crisis, the pandemic and now Putin’s war in Ukraine, has for many, intensified their search for the meaning of this thing we label ‘life’. Humanity’s ‘Raison D’etre’. Industry, communities, private and public organisations must be more aware of this shift in thinking individuals are taking. If they are to attract and keep the talent capital they need to transform and grow.

And more…the people, at the crossroads, are searching for answers to what is the purpose of this other thing we’ve labelled – work – that we spend most of our life doing. There is an increase with ‘how people are thinking’ about where, when, and how ‘their work’ is done. The kind of work they want to do. Who they want to do it with?? Notice the word ‘with’ and not ‘for’.

And still more…people are questioning whether spending their waking and working days to 'solve problems' for the purpose of making money is the only reason to work. More importantly how does this way of thinking matter to the kind of life they want to live?? Since work is a big part of life, should both, work, and life, only be about driving profit for some while giving others just enough money to exist?? Is this the only approach and system we can come up with?? Or is there a more inspiring option emerging??

Some of Musk’s projects have other goals and are inspiring different outcomes. Driving profit is not the first objective. People like Musk are building back different and not just better. Better is just well…better. It’s not different.

Let me be clear here. I’m not saying Musk is ‘the saviour’ to follow. He is not. This thinking that one person can fix it all is misguided and the wrong mindset. What I’m suggesting is to look at challenges and for opportunities with another mindset. A mindset that is broader and more inclusive of the changing social and human needs for all and not just a few. This is the kind of work people are inspired by and want to do.

Finally, there are many moving parts to transform work. As such, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And yet, we often only look for the parts and how to fix them without considering the whole.

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