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Chew On This: The Great Resignation

Image by Matthais Zeitler from Pixabay

The pandemic has confirmed, what most of us already knew, our social, human, economic and political systems are failing us. That’s why we created KADIMA chat. A friendly and informal conversation thought starter to ask and engage with people who are on a journey to lead the possible rather than manage the probable. Each KADIMA chat is meant to inspire a shift in how we think about the world so that we can transform what we do, including our failures, into opportunities. Let’s get started…

There is so much back and forth banter about 'work'.

What it needs to look like? Where it needs to be done? How it is to be done? There are people who would like us to believe this is a new-found conversation. It it not. It has been an ongoing discussion since the concept of being paid to do something came to be.

I don't know what the 'key' aspiration behind past conversations were. I wasn't there. I can only speculate. Was it to make life easier for humankind? Or was economics the main driver and goal??

During my time, in the workforce, economics is and remains the goal for work and it's existence. Even the pandemic has not made politicians or business leaders shift their thinking on this. The go to decision making has been economy first, public health second.

The Great Resignation.

I believe we're at a tipping point. I believe leaders, who don't recognise one key factor, will be left with no talent capital. That being...

talent capital doesn't need them. Leaders need talent capital.

Today's talent is not interested in a 9 to 5 job performed in a cubicle that eats up 2-4 hours of their time in transit to get there. They want to decide where, when and how work is done.

Let’s not waste this pandemic. Let’s use it to move from managing the probable to leading the possible. Let’s build a different world of tomorrow today. You in??

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