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Mindset Is Everything: Intentions

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KADIMA village is a catalyst for shifting mindsets. We create the conditions and help you navigate an unknown future and constantly changing present, to look for what’s not there yet.

You are dripping with good intentions.

I don't set New Year's Resolutions. Instead, each year, around my Birthday, I embark on a journey focused on intentions I set for the year. It’s something my grade 10 history teacher inspired me to do when she asked me – ‘can you think of 101 things you want to do on your life journey’? Little did Mrs. Scroggie know that she was the catalyst who inspired me to pay more attention to ‘how I think’. Something that would be a lifelong practice for me.

I'm sharing this because intention setting, the kind that makes a real impact on your professional, personal, or organisation’s journey, is not the same as making New Year’s Resolutions or setting objectives.

So, what’s the difference and…

how does one go about setting intentions?

Well, the first thing to wrap your brain cells around is this – anyone can create a checklist. It doesn’t mean the items on the list get done. How many ‘resolutions’ on a ‘checklist’ does anyone actually keep??

Next, the approach to setting intentions is not just about writing words on a piece of paper. Then putting it aside and eventually it’s forgotten. It’s not a task you cross off of a list, then shout it out on social media to get a few ‘likes’.


In this context, an intention is more meaningful. It’s purposefully shaped and formed from how you think about something, and how it will serve others. An intention is well thought out and aligns with your life or organisation’s purpose. Something that lights a fire in your belly. The reason you get up every morning. For me, my life purpose and KADIMA village purpose, is one in the same – to be of help and to serve.


As you probably guessed, I’m not big on checklists. Mainly because I believe checklists prevent us from being fully in the present and aware of how we think. Stops us from actually thinking for ourselves. So, there is not going to be one here, per se, telling and selling you,

I prefer finding uncommon and intriguing information then thinking about it and how it can support my purpose. Now I can hear you saying – I already know how to think Susan. Been doing it all my life. True. You can and have been doing it. And, have you been thinking with the right mindset??

What I’m suggesting is to check-in with the mindset you are using to think.

Right Mindset

When you use the right mindset to set meaningful intentions, the kind that can change your life and the world, you operate from a place of full awareness. This stops your ego from getting in the way of what you truly think or believe. Your intention evolves from a place of contentment. You're 'responding' by taking a wider view of the situation and being intentional about the path you choose. Rather than arise from a sense of something that’s missing. For example, I need to lose 10 pounds. I need to quit smoking. I need to save more money. Hmm...sounds like a checklist to me??

Detach From Specific Results

I remember dating Derek in high school. One night when Derek came to pick me up for our date, my dad decided to have some fun. He said, you’re here again. What are your intentions towards my daughter?? Not sure if that was the reason Derek and I broke up 2-weeks later.

Your intention is an ongoing evolving journey. The best intentions are detached from specific results and outcomes. Your thinking is clear allowing for thoughts and ideas to flow freely in and out. For challenges and opportunities to evolve holistically, organically, and work themselves through.


Operating with a sense of intentionality also helps to navigate unknown and uncertain situations. Because the approach is targeted on the purpose, it gradually creates moments of inspiration, clarity, and clear communication. It reduces fear and risk and takes the guesswork out of decision-making, because teams are on the same page and know the purpose. Less chance of misunderstanding, misalignment, and wasted time. Something we cannot get more of as much as we try.

Wrong Mindset

Thinking with the wrong mindset leads to 'reacting' that is driven by fear. The outcomes are band aid fixes with little time spent of how it relates to the bigger picture – your purpose. It leaves you projecting and guessing outcomes that lead to wrong decisions. Is that the actual problem that needs solving?? Or is it that the budget fits the idea and therefore it is the best idea??

As I write this article Ontario, where I live, is dealing with the impact of using the wrong mindset to make decisions. These are their results…

  • There were no ambulances available to respond to life threatening calls.

  • Hospital ICU beds are at capacity once again.

  • Lifesaving surgeries are postponed.

Are you using the right mindset to set your intentions to #BuildBackDifferent today??

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