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Mindset Is Everything: An Extraordinary Year

It’s been an extraordinary year, wouldn’t you say??

Observation: Our lives, our world, everything we knew and thought to be true and believed to be normal…was turned upside down. Winter Solstice December 21st, 2020 was accompanied by Jupiter and Saturn’s ‘great conjuncture’. The closest these two planets have been since 1623 and the closest observable since 1226, 800 years later. There are 3 days to December 25th Christmas and 14 days to January 7th Christmas if you follow the Julian calendar. The coronavirus vaccine arrived, and inoculation has started in a few Western Countries, Canada included. Just as many places, worldwide, go into lockdown before during and after the most meaningful holiday for many people! Not very joyful!

Unlearning Tip: Here’s the thing. That’s one way to think about it. Another way is, at some point during the Holidays, find a quiet moment to reflect. Then express gratitude for what we do have, and share examples of it with others. I’ll start…I journal. I’m on volume 2 since the pandemic started. Recently I wrote how grateful I am…

  • For my ‘dearest friends’ who wrap me with unconditional support and affection in my grief for my mother’s death.

  • For ‘you’ for showing up here and sharing your insights, tips, observations, and precious time with me. Did you know the reason time is precious is because we cannot get more of it? Something else that’s precious is life. Have you met someone who has lived twice?

  • For ‘hope’ a pillar that keeps up the world. Norma, a salesclerk, recently shared this with me. It’s something her father would say to her.

Insights: Sometimes it takes the kindness of strangers to inspire us to think about our situation another way. Norma, reminded me that unlike time, hope is something we can get more of. So, this Christmas I invite you to be hopeful that we made it this far in a situation, that keeps evolving and we know extraordinarily little about. And…keep the hope for the future yet to reveal itself. Because where would we be without hope??

Last Word: Christmas is magical. May it sprinkle you with a sense of childlike hope, peace and remind you of how much you already have. Happy Christmas and Holidays! Catch you in 2021…

Susan Radojevic…Founder of KADIMA village | Make Canada A Leader In Innovation | Prisoner of Hope. Follow Susan on Twitter @SusanRadojevic

About KADIMA village…

‘Kadima’ is the Hebrew word meaning ‘forward’. KADIMA village is a catalyst to make Canada a leader in innovation. Our goal is to help private, public, and social enterprises, manage uncertainty, obtain clarity, and make optimal decisions to stay resilient and grow sustainably. Follow us @KADIMAvillage.

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