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Mindset Is Everything - Death

KADIMA village is a catalyst for shifting mindsets. We create a safe and comfortable space to help you navigate an unknown future in constantly changing present, to look for what’s not there yet.

I have always known that if you let it, social media and the media can engulf you into a vortex of endless sameness and time spent of which the latter we cannot get back or more of.

While I am usually able to separate my emotions and disengage from much of this sameness, the news of the death of The Queen, someone I have never met and yet she was, from afar, a constant presence for my entire life. I find myself experiencing a gravitational pull into deep sadness and a sense of loss.

The recent death of my parents, within a year and half of each other and during a pandemic, is a reasonable explanation for the emotions percolating within, and for someone I don't know personally.

It's strange how just when you think the grief is less it hits you like a thunderbolt. I can't imagine navigating my grief for my parents while billions of eyeballs watch.

There is something inhuman about 24/7 media's approach and in this case its approach to death, for economic reasons, while presenting it as empathy, and the public's acceptance of it.

Whether it's the death of a person, who just happens to have the job of a Queen in our present social structure; mass killings; killings of children; and war bombings etc.; whatever the circumstance what wrong turn did we make to present death as a spectator sport?

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