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Inspiration - O Canada

Video from CBC Sports

From time to time, we all could use some inspiration. That’s what you’ll find here. We hope it inspires you to stay curious to look for what’s not already in front of you, yet. Enjoy…

So far our favourite Olympics 2022 moment is this Team Canada Women's Hockey Team belts out O Canada at the medal presentation.

We’re always intrigued by how athletes think. They have a laser focus and complete abandonment to their sport, training and belief that they will succeed.

Even when there is no guarantee they will be victorious on game day, they empty the tank and sometimes even dig deeper.

I.e. one goal disqualified; another scored one minute later.

When one is part of a team it's that much harder to maintain that level of focus and dedication. This is when a leader and leadership style can make or break a team.

Marie-Philip Poulin is Canada's Women's Hockey Team Captain. If you have ever heard Poulin interviewed, you will notice, she never talks about herself. Instead, she answers every query by referring to the team. Here's an example of this, when she was asked how she feels, after winning the gold medal.

'It's a good feeling. This group is very special. This group has been putting the work in since 2018. We've been having that motivation with that silver medal, but it's teamwork, it's one team from staff to player and it was huge today."

A leader respects and acknowledges everyone's' contributions. S/he shines the light away from them and on to others. Egos are replaced by hard work and support for each other.

It's this mindset shift that allows for total vulnerability with each other, that makes a team feel safe, to link arm in arm and belt out a national anthem on the world's largest stage. Bringing tears of joy to those who watch it.

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