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Friday Inspiration: Choice

At KADIMA village our Big. Hairy. Audacious. Goal. is to inspire another way to think about our world and how we live, work, and play in it. Even before the pandemic we were cognisant that we cannot change the entire world. So, we set out to re-energise a few business sectors – climate change; education; healthcare for seniors and travel and business events. Like us, the Pandemic is a catalyst too. And as such a starting point and steppingstone to help form and shape the market, to be equal contributors to social and human needs and that of organisation need to drive profits. Everything here on our Insights web page is meant to be conversation thought starters, to help you to gain better clarity to transform what you do, by first shifting how you think. Let’s get started…

Choice…we all have one. So, when we, at KADIMA village, hear someone say…’we didn’t have a choice’. Or ‘I don’t have a choice’. It inspires us to prove there is always a choice.

In fact, we have yet to meet a situation where we didn’t have a choice.

Have you noticed how the new organisations staring up, in the pandemic, have a different vibe? Their ‘purpose’ – why they exist – is built on leading the possible. Their goals are to create more socially responsible products and services. Their aspiration is to be social enterprises like these five new start-ups in this article about how reusable takeout containers are a popular pandemic trend. The article is by What on Earth? One of our favourite e-newsletters about ‘all things environmental’.

Here’s an excerpt from the article…

'We've previously talked about the waste that takeout generates and some of the potential solutions. Since the pandemic started, a lack of indoor dining has made takeout the only restaurant option in many places, and as a result, both the problems — and the solutions — have multiplied. "We just wanted to solve this problem," said Anastasia Kiku, co-founder of Reusables (whose wares are shown in the photo above)'.

Our experience tells us the choices we make usually come down to these two queries…

Do you choose saving a few dollars? Or saving our planet?

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