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Chew On This: Space Hotel Anyone??

There are people who believe life will return to a pre-pandemic ‘normal’ once the Post Pandemic Period arrives.

We believe this thinking requires a rethink.

Let us be clear on this point. While we believe some behaviours will go back to pre-pandemic times. I.e. our innate desire for social interaction. Other thinking and behaviour,

  • our approach to work

  • how we teach our children and

  • why and how often we get on a plane,

has been altered by the pandemic. It will not revert to what was once ‘normal’. That’s the deal.

Even before the pandemic, technology was nudging us to think about life, work and play in another way. Humans may be hardwired to evolve extremely slowly; however, business is our culture and values system (sadly) and no longer just a sector. As such the business world and its plethora of existing and emerging technical products and services are strong enablers for an easier lifestyle and more convenience for humanity to experience life in other ways. If there is one thing that has become even more evident during the last 12 months it's this, we – The People – like our convenience and the devices that deliver that convenience.

Soon more of the ‘normal’ tried and true activities, for instance travel and how, where and when we gather, will need a rethink too.

How about a Space Hotel for your next gathering venue?

We can hear you saying, not in my lifetime. It might surprise you to know space hotels are already in the travel funnel and could be available as early as 2027. The ticket price?? Same as a cruise.

The Bottom Line –

It is only natural to seek what we know and are most comfortable with, especially in the face of the unknown. Then there is this. Humans are explorers. We came out of the cave, discovered fire, put a man on the moon and presently Perseverance Rover is sending us photos from and of Mars.

Let’s not waste this pandemic. Let’s use it to move from managing what we know to leading the possible. Like a space hotel.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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