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KADIMA Village Press Release

KADIMA village launches new Unlearning Lab for business professionals seeking to adapt their problem-solving capabilities to other occupations.

Toronto, Ontario – June 9th, 2021 – KADIMA village, a catalyst for shifting mindsets, has launched a new virtual Unlearning Lab Method and experiential experience series to help business professionals, whose job loss is a direct impact from Covid19.  

One particular business sector that was decimated by the pandemic is tourism and hospitality. Employment in Ontario alone was down 46% in Q2 of 2020 compared to 6% for all sectors, according to Future Skills Centre’s recent Ontario based tourism and hospitality Impact Paper. The Paper specifies ‘occupations in Ontario’s tourism and hospitality sector have, on average, nine transition options’. Mentioned in the top ten transitional occupations are Business Event Professionals.  

“As past owner of an event marketing agency and over the last few decades, I have witnessed that Business Event Professionals are particularly good problem solvers. The World Economic Forum, places problem-solving capabilities at the top list of employers who believe these skills will grow in prominence in the next four years. We want to help others see what I have always known to be true.” said Susan Radojevic, Founder of KADIMA village.

The Unlearning Lab Method and non-traditional virtual experiential experience series is designed with the same tools used by Microsoft, Google, and IDEO. It takes place in July. The series consists of 5 asynchronous activities and 2 synchronous activities delivered using interactive technology. The aim is to help Business Event Professionals gain insights into the type of problem solver they are. Explore how might their skills be used in other jobs and sectors. Be able to articulate the problem solving skills they have to offer and start a job transition plan.  

What is unique about all KADIMA village Unlearning Labs is, all data is captured 100% anonymously. Creating an environment for building trust, collaboration, authenticity, and psychological safety; where individuals feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable with each other. This allows private and public organisations, teams, and individuals to think about and see things from other perspectives. Thereby providing more clarity and making optimal decisions while reducing guesswork and predictions. This is where KADIMA village is looking to make a difference with its Unlearning Lab Method.

For more information about the Unlearning Lab for Business Event Professionals click here

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About KADIMA village…
‘kadima’ is the Hebrew word meaning ‘forward’. KADIMA village is a catalyst to make Canada a leader in innovation. We help private and public organisations uncover what is not there yet. Our aspiration is to help you transform what you do, by first shifting how you think.  


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