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Mindset Is Everything: Vaccine Passport

There are many many many people on this planet that are ready to be paroled from covid19 quarantine/isolation. We crave the freedom to move around in our city, province, and country. Spring is on our doorstep and summer just around the corner. We dream of traveling again for summer vacation.

To ensure we keep covid19 at bay, vaccine jabs in arms (in large numbers) are required to be delivered in all four corners of the world. Even once we are vaccinated, public health leadership is telling us the virus protocols, we have practiced for the past 12-months, must continue to be observed.

Where does that leave our dream of travel in summer 2021?

The short answer is – uncertain!

The Canadian Federal Government, along with other G7 countries, are mulling over using some sort of proof of immunisation against covid19 as a way to allow travel within and between countries. A vaccine passport or certificate perhaps. Something the World Health Organisation (WHO) has ‘ruled’ against because ‘vaccine efficacy’ is not totally known or confirmed. More reliable scientific evidence is needed.

So far, we know this about the vaccines –

· ‘Highly effective at preventing illness.’

· ‘Still unclear how well vaccines minimize transmission of the virus?’

· Role vaccine against future variants is unknown.

Then there is this –

· How and who will track the records of immunisation?

· Infringement on personal privacy?

· Emergence of a two-tier society – ‘different levels of freedom’ based on travelers’ country location.

The Bottom Line –

Acting as a catalyst Covid19 has spread a blanket of complexity we have never seen before. It has changed the context on which all our social, human, economic and political systems are built on.

How might we move from seeking certainty by managing the probable (vaccine passport) to leading the possible (address the opportunity/challenge in fundamentally another way)?

Managing the probable gets short term results. Leading with possible garners emerging and sustainable long-term solutions.


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