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Friday Inspiration: Is That A Thing??

At KADIMA village our Big. Hairy. Audacious. Goal. is to inspire another way to think about our world and how we live, work, and play in it. Even before the pandemic we were cognisant that we can’t change the entire world. So, we set out to re-energise a few business sectors – climate change; education; healthcare for seniors and travel and business events. Like us, the Pandemic is a catalyst too. And as such a starting point and steppingstone to help form and shape the market, to be equal contributors to social and human needs and that of organisation needs to drive profits. Everything on our Insights web page is meant to be conversation thought starters to nudge you along to gain better clarity to transform what you do, by first shifting how you think. Let’s get started…

Two bored guys from Toronto – Neil Girvan and Evan Sabba – whose acting jobs came to a full stop, when the pandemic hit, are the creators and stars of Sludge Pirates on YouTube.

Sludge Pirates is a fishing show. Well…sort of. Even though they come across real fish what these fellas are fishing is magnetic items. Hence the term ‘magnet fishing’. With their $100 investment in a small magnet that has the power to pull 2,600 pounds, Girvan and Sabba troll the waters of Lake Ontario and the Don River for anything that sticks to their magnet rod.

The show episodes, released weekly, are addictive to watch. What items will be stuck to the magnet and pulled out next. Bicycles, casino coins, tables, lots of tools and even an undamaged blue recycling bin.

So, what does a YouTube show about scavenging deep waters have to do with inspiration and business?

The on the surface the short answer is – nothing! But when we dig a bit deeper, like the 'Sludge Pirates' do, we discover there is a thrill to finding stuff that’s not directly in front of us.

"When you throw the magnet in the water and you click on something, you don't know what it is and you are pulling up this unknown thing that has weight, your imagination is going wild," said Girvan, adding, "A lot of times it is just garbage."

Other times…you find cool stuff. Whether magnet fishing or navigating the unknown like a pandemic - that is definitely a thing!

Image by Sludge Pirates


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