KADIMA village

Origin from Hebrew (“Kadima”, literally “forward”)



We help private, public and social enterprises, build a capacity for risk to stay resilient and grow sustainably in uncertain evolving times.


With our extensive experience in uncovering unknown unknowns, blind spots, and emerging opportunities, we use our methodology and lab approach to 'connect the dots' for solutions to evolve, informed by an inclusive stakeholder lens.

KADIMA village is not a consulting firm. We are catalysts to uncover what's not there yet.

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We bring unclear situations into focus to inspire bold action to think about challenges and opportunities in another way. Our lab design plays a key role to help organisations – capture unknown opportunities; debunk blind spots and risk; and apply a creative problem solving mindset – to improve and drive sustainable growth in a fluctuating marketplace.

Business rules are being upended and little is predictable. Our creative collaborative techniques provide an integrated, accurate, and comprehensive view of where the organisation and its stakeholders are. Unleash and harness intuitive intelligence that transcends workplace armour and improves business outcomes faster, through a deeper reflective connection, with all stakeholders.

Innovation is not about ideas. It is about people. The skill set we bring is to help release the collective creative genius, talent, and energy within an organisation’s ecosystem. That when channelled purposefully generates new insights and connects the dots, to the right innovation and business strategy, for faster implementation and results.




If there is anything we need to learn, from the 21st Century so far, it is – to unlearn what we know.


Why does this matter?

Threats to our social, human, economic and political ecosystems clearly show how vulnerable and unprepared Canada is, in a globally connected economy, for a future where existential risk will intensify.



Our Unlearning Lab is a catalyst to help leaders build resilience skills. Our definition of resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. At our methods’ core is the belief that every problem has a solution. How we think about the problem determines the actions taken and results achieved. Our guiding principle is, the resilience skills we need to solve problems and grow sustainably, in uncertain evolving times, requires a mindset that is not the same thinking that was used to create the problems.


We help our clients to unlearn old thinking styles and replace it with another way of thinking. We are partners in the process to obtain clarity, pivot quickly and grow sustainably.


Our approach is based on three building blocks.


KADIMA thinking 

With THiNKSPOTTER© organisations, teams and individuals gain shared clarity and understanding around evolving opportunities or challenges in the current environment. Individually and as a team they become more self-aware and of others’ preferences. Making stakeholders more respectful of each other’s working styles. Most clients start their resilience building journey with this one day lab to unlearn old thinking, understand team compositions and begin to build a resilient culture mindset.


KADIMA looking

Deep-dive with THiNKSPOTTING© #1 and uncover unknowns, challenge entrenched presumptions, identify and test multiple ideas with stakeholders across silos. Clients continue to build their problem solving resilience skills with this in depth exploration, over two-weeks, and unlearn making predictions to making clearly identified optimal decisions that reduce risk and costs.


KADIMA doing

Take an even deeper dive, over a two-month engagement, that includes THiNKSPOTTER© and THiNKSPOTTING© 1. Embed resilience skills practice, across the organisation, with THiNKSPOTTING© #2 and strengthen the alignment throughout the process. Unlearn ‘pushing’ out to ‘pull’ intuitive business intelligence in, from a deeper engagement and understanding with stakeholders.


"It set the stage for us to scale as an organization."


"We were able to blend the two worlds of business and education to set a foundation of how to best move forward ready for future opportunities."


"Using THINKSPOTTING© 2 method and techniques we came away energized and ready to tackle the opportunities ahead of us"



Everything we do is to make Canada a leader in innovation


Electron microscope, ice hockey and the goalie mask, insulin and the pacemaker, Superman, Canadarm. These are just a few items invented by Canadians. According to 2021 Global Innovation Index (GII) Canada performs better in Innovation Inputs than Outputs. Meaning we’re great at coming up with ideas and not so good at taking ideas to market.


This, at its core, is the premise of KADIMA village. We combine our extensive experience in building resilience with a deeper sense of clarity to help our clients stay relevant and competitive.


2021 Global Innovation Index Ranking (GII)


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Technology Outputs


2021 Creative Ouputs


KADIMA village Aspiration Ranking For Canada



Inspire, convene, connect, and help private, public and social enterprises to act boldly to think about the world in another way; in order to be more resilient, innovative, competitive and socially conscious organisations.

From c-level executives to front line stakeholders we partner with our clients to embed resilience thinking, in their organisations, so they can stay relevant, sustainable and grow. This requires cross pollinating creative and critical thinking in an organisation’s ecosystem. To solve problems they do not know they know they have, while navigating a rapidly evolving and uncertain marketplace.


We are catalysts for building resilience skills. Our extensive experience with inspiring a mindset shift, informed by an inclusive stakeholder lens, provides clarity to your challenges and emerging opportunities.


Respect. Truthfulness. Kindness. Accountability. Sustainability.

Open-Mindedness. Humour. Fairness. Perseverance. Loyalty.


Uncertain Situations. Social, human, economic and political radical changing ecosystems. Big. Hairy. Audacious Goals.


In 2017, Susan celebrated 50 years of living in Canada. Reflecting on those 50 years Susan realised her accomplishments were partly due to opportunities, living in this amazing country, gave her. This inspired Susan to create a vehicle to honour and give back to Canada. And like others – whose shoulders Susan stands on – she wanted to pay it forward.

So ...the concept of KADIMA village evolved...



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Is your organisation’s culture resilient to adapt quickly and pull through a crisis? We offer a free consultation to explore how KADIMA village might help you connect with your stakeholders and build a resilient mindset and culture to grow your business. 

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